About Me

Hello, I'm Stephanie, owner, designer, etc. for One Stitch Designs.

One Stitch Designs was founded in 2010 as a way to make some money to add to my part time job (which I hated).

Back then it was called Stephanie Makes All. (because I overheard a coworker telling someone else to ask me because "Stephanie makes all sorts of things")

I had 1 shop on Etsy for a while, until patterns and supplies started overtaking the shop, then I opened a second shop called OneStitch.

Right after I opened OneStitch, before I even had a sale there, I lost my job. granted that wasn't a huge loss, you can't live off of 6-10 hours a week at min wage- especially not with a baby, but I couldn't get unemployment, and that was enough to nearly cost me my home.

I worked hard on OneStitch and StephanieMakesAll, and it finally showed in November and December, when I made half my income for 2011.

In December of 2011, I also opened this website, changed StephanieMakesAll to OneStitchDesigns, and finally purchased my domain name.

In April 2012, I also took over the online operations of Traditional By Nature, my fiancee's business, which sells rustic wood home decor. You can find traditional by nature at TraditionalByNature.com or Link To Traditional By Nature on Etsy

And that's I am now, still doing everything I can to grow and make the bills :)

Link To OneStitch supply shop on Etsy